Review policy

If you are a author or publisher and would like me to review a book, i would be delighted to do so! But please note that not every book will be accepted and that i will always give an honest review. Thank you very much for considering me to review a book, if you are interested in me doing so, please contact me through my email:

*I only ever review Young Adult or New Adult titles with an exception of some chick lit books. Within the Young Adult/New Adult genre i read anything, really: Sci-Fi, adventure, contemporary, dystopian, fantasy and more. Please note, however that i do not accept or read nonfiction, i.e autobiographies/ biographies/ memoirs/ short story collections, erotica or books with religious undertones.

*I do not accept E-books (MOBI, PDF) but i do accept: Physical books, ARC's, finished copies and some self published books. 

*My reviews include:
  • Book title and author, including publishing information.
  • Picture of book Cover
  • Summery of book (From Goodreads)
  • My honest opinions and thoughts of the book
  • A rating (from 1-5)
  • A link to Amazon, The Book depository and Goodreads
*I will try to read and review the book as soon as possible. However, if you need the book reviewed within a certain time period, please let me know so i can review the book within that time.

My Rating system:
I use a five star rating system,

  • FIVE STARS-WOW, i was blown away. A definite must read for ANYONE.
  • FOUR STARS-Really, great enjoyable read,  love it,
  • THREE STARS-There was something missing but i would still recommend it.                             
  • TWO STARS-I was disappointed, didn't really like it.
  • ONE STAR-Not my cup of tea at all.

*My review will be posted on this blog and goodreads. If you need me to post it somewhere else as well then please specify so i can do so.

Thank you for considering, lotsofloveliterature, to read and review a book! Once again please just drop me an email at!

Happy reading!

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