About Me

I'm Amelia! A Bookaholic and book blogger from england who loves to spend most of her time either curled up with a good book or out buying books and adding to her collection.
I always loved other readers 'book blogs' and so one day decided to give it a go myself and lotsofliterature was born! Although i am very busy with school i try to spend as much time as possible improving it! I know i am new to the blogging world but i am very eager to learn and looking forward to meeting and befriending lots of other book lovers. 

When I'm not doing anything book related i tend to be:
  • Listening to music
  • Doing photography
  • playing an instrument
  • Watching re-runs over and over of one tree hill
  • Daydreaming about Mr.Darcy
Where else can you find me?

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